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Meet & Greet Luncheon


The next in our Eat & Greet Luncheon Series with George Noory, Alien Abduction Expert Yvonne Smith (, and Coast To Coast AM Producer Tom Danheiser.

Yvonne Smith is a certified Hypnotherapist, Internationally recognized abduction researcher, and Director of CERO (Close Encounter Resource Organization). Smith has been regressing and counseling abductees for over 25 years and is convince that the abduction phenomenon is real and is caused by extraterrestrial beings or intelligences because the accounts of her clients are “so startlingly similar.”

Have you ever experienced missing time? Had recurring dreams that include owls, or large eyed beings? Seen Ufos? If you’re curious about this surprisingly common phenomenon, come join us to find out more and feel safe in our non-judgemental and
supportive group.

Don’t miss out! This fun-filled afternoon will sell out quickly!


* A talk and Q&A with Yvonne Smith (CERO International)

* A general Q&A session(so be thinking of your questions) with George Noory, Yvonne, Producer Tom, and Producer Lori of Danheiser/Wagner Entertainment.

  • Prize Give-Aways
  • Special Games
  • Photo Opportunities and more

You will have your choice from a special menu put together by the wonderful folks at the Great Greek Restaurant. Coffee, Soda, or a glass of wine is included.

George Noory, Yvonne Smith, Producer Tom, and Producer Lori will walk around the room and visit everyone at their tables to take pictures, sign anything you want, chat and make sure you have a great experience.

EMAIL to reserve a spot

Sign up through:

COST : $100 per peson

June 25 ,2019 Great Greek Restaurant, 13362 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA   (818) 905-5250