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For many, many years starting from childhood up until I became a member of CERO (Close Encounter Resource Organization). I felt alone, isolated, and cut off from most of the world. My religious upbringing added to my beliefs that I was a bad person and a bane to the world. I was slowly going insane with no one to talk to let alone who would understand my experiences and feelings. I was then introduced to Yvonne Smith who runs CERO and CERO International After attending my first group meeting, my wife told me she knew I had found the right people at the right time. I am still overcoming a lot of the trauma and still question my own sanity but I find great comfort in knowing there are other people out there like me. I now have an outlet to share as well as listen to other's own similar experiences. We still don't have all the answers but I am no longer walking down this path alone...
CERO Member
I have known Yvonne since winter 1992. She has helped me navigate through the missing time incidents. The encounters started when I was 6. My brother woke up & I was not in the room…my parents looked everywhere…they couldn’t find me. My first memory of that night was my mom sees me standing in the kitchen and with a terrified look on her face, screaming...Where were you!!!. Many other encounters happened after that night. What Yvonne does is give the client a chance to put together some of those missing time episodes... The pieces of the puzzle together. She is great at what she does. I love her very much for helping me. It is a difficult process but with her knowledge and experience, I am a better person and will no longer suffer a life time of not knowing. And a major shout out to the people of C.E.R.O. It is my honor and pleasure to have shared many wonderful moment’s.
Love, John
Honestly, I was nervous about being hypnotized, but meeting Yvonne put all my fears to rest. The experience was not what I thought it would be because I was in control the whole time and not some zombie. Yvonne is a caring person who treats you with respect and compassion. On balance, despite my fears, I decided that it is better to get some clarity about half-remembered events along with screen memories that lurked deep in my subconscious mind. I highly recommend Yvonne.
Bruce Olav Solheim, Ph.D.
"I traveled from out of state to Los Angeles specifically to see Yvonne because she is a well known specialist in the field of hypnotic regression regarding alien abduction/experienceship. The hypnosis sessions were a wonderful introduction into memory recall. It's not like rewinding and replaying a VHS tape. It takes time, effort, and persistence to recall memories with certainty. But Yvonne was a wonderful guide to start to build a foundation. Moreover, I was able to ask her a lot of questions that I have been wondering about for years. "This happened to me, is it normal?" "What does this mean?" And so on. Yvonne also got me introduced to her email list for other suspected abductees/experiencers. I was able to engage with, through phone conversations, a few others like me who were able to suggest methods for finding certainty as to if I am actually being taken, and we were able to compare and contrast memories. I was also able to participate in Yvonne's sporadic Zoom sessions for abductees/experiencers. It's been a very interesting journey thus far, and I definitely recommend working with Yvonne if you have the means. She's a wealth of knowledge, and getting plugged into her abductee/experiencer network has been very helpful!"